A Christmas Blizzard - Garrison Keillor Maybe it's because I've never read Keillor's work. Maybe it's because I haven't exactly had a good Christmas season this year. Maybe it's because I just wasn't in the mood. Or maybe, just maybe, this book was just a wee bit boring. And confusing. And weird in a way I just couldn't get down with.
Was it real? Was it a hallucination? Was it just a waste of time?
I just could not get through this book.

Let me explain it this way: the book is short - 100 or so pages - and it took me over a week to read it. That's bad. I'd read a little bit and clean the house. Read a little more and make cookies. Read a little more and do anything but read another paragraph. It just didn't hold my attention at all.

Sorry Garrison, I don't think we'll be meeting again anytime soon.