My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me: And Other Stories I Shouldn't Share with Acquaintances, Coworkers, Taxi drivers, Assistants, Job Interviewers, ... and Ex/Current/Future Boyfriends but Have - Hilary Winston Yes, these were a series of short stories. But they were also chapters of her life that fed the other stories. So this went from a book of short funny stories to an actual book.

I think it was too long. I enjoyed the first half, but the second half just increasingly got on my nerves. I really wanted to like Winston but she made it really, really difficult to do so. Most of the time I was annoyed by her and her stupid choices.

Having just lost two cats, she hit me where it hurt with her epilogue, though. Yes, it was a sweet chapter about her cat, but it was totally out of place in the book of "funny" stories.