Overbite - Emily Bauer, Meg Cabot Hey, Meg Cabot, here's a little tip for the future: I don't need to be constantly reminded of the main characters' last names. I don't actually care what their last names are, to be honest, Meg Cabot. And, Meg Cabot, it's quite frustrating and irritating to read "Alaric Wulf" and "Lucien Antonescu" over and over ... and over again. "Alaric" and "Lucien" would suffice, I promise.

ETA: Thank god that's done. Add this to the list of books that irritated me. No thanks, Meg Cabot, you can have your Alaric Wulf and Lucien Antonescu. I'd rather read a magazine.
I just noticed this is listed as "Insatiable #2." Fingers crossed there's no #3.