The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor - Robert Kirkman, Jay Bonansinga For the love of god, who was this written for? The story was boring, which I can excuse - hey, it happens - but I refuse to accept the unimaginable amount of flowery prose. If someone removed all the extra "fancy talkin'" from the novel, it'd probably be a good 50 pages shorter.
This is not the Walking Dead universe I'm familiar with. There weren't extra descriptors for nearly everything in the comics, and they sure aren't wasting words on the show, so why now? To show you can write a novel? I signed on for a Kirkman story, not a novel that seems to have been written by someone learning how to use metaphors and similes.
These characters are supposed to be normal people put into horrible circumstances ... it's not gritty enough, not "everyday people" enough.
More than once I stopped reading and asked out loud, "Who is he writing for?!" The writers missed the mark, the editors let it slide. Riding the name of a successful series just isn't enough.