11/22/63 - Stephen King Thank god I'm finally done with this. It was good ... until it wasn't.
Toward the end I found myself rolling my eyes at the story, getting irritated with Jake/George and just wanting it to be over already.

I didn't see the slow progression from a time-jumping historical fiction book to a romance. But once that was established, I just wanted to get out.

Seriously, Jake, you know the world is/can/will be destroyed, but all you can think about is your girlfriend? How selfish can you be? I get love, but still. This is bigger than just one person, buddy.

And I'll just let my inner editor out for a sec: This story could have been about 400 pages shorter if it wasn't for King's tendency to be a tad verbose. I found myself mentally striking passages and words that weren't critical to the story. Wordiness gets boring, sir.

This might be why you won't find many (any?) Stephen King books on my shelves.