Mirror Mirror CD - Gregory Maguire, John McDonough I never remember how much Maguire's writing bothers me until I stupidly pick up another of his books.

Why do weird (and kinda creepy) sexual undertones appear (often smugly) in Maguire's books? What did having Bianca practically explode with menstrual blood onto the floor and the dwarves add to the story? And did Lucretia really need to have a penis strapped to her head? I just don't see what that added to the story. No, I'm not against sex or sexuality in novels, but Maguire's just seems so contrived.

And my major issue is that he writes almost as if he's better than everyone, including his readers and characters (granted he usually is better than the characters, but still).

Oh well, I've got another one of his books right here, so I'll be annoyed again soon enough.