The Nightmare Affair - Mindee Arnett There's a reason this took me almost a month to finish. Heck, I even read two other books while I was working on this.

It just didn't hold my interest. And shortly after one particular character was introduced, I guessed the ending. And I was right. I hate that.

Nitpicky question: why call her a Nightmare if all she does is go into dreams to "feed" on them? The only nightmare-ish thing she ever created was when she was mad ... that one time. Seems like a missed opportunity to develop a cool and intense character instead of a girl who is ever-so-slightly, just-a-teeny-bit different. We actually didn't see any of the Nightmares causing bad dreams. Give me some nightmares, Nightmares!

For all that, this gets a solid, "Eh, it's okay."